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Designer, enterpreneur /


  • Antti Kangas

    Antti Kangas

    Researcher in computational medicine. Data, code, visualization, statistics, scientific illustration, industrial design. (


    An audio application designed to help you focus. Create a sound world you love. It's better than silence.

  • Daniil Harik

    Daniil Harik

  • Jyrki Laurila

    Jyrki Laurila

    Manipulator of JavaScript, TypeScript and NodeJS

  • Jyri Tuulos

    Jyri Tuulos

  • Ottavio


    Founder of The Mo'Joes, Student in Interactive Media & Knowledge Environments in Tallinn. Dj, Early Adopter and pasta eater

  • Selma Finance

    Selma Finance

    Smart investing without frustration. Request an invite and get your unique investment planet

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